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Coffee Gift Box


Coffee Gift Box

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Grade 1
A fine, luxury, world class heirloom coffee - signature elite. This Jamaica Blue Mountain is in the top 0.01% of coffees worldwide, and certainly one of the rarest coffees in the world - exclusive and extremely difficult to source. Export is tightly controlled by the Coffee Board of Jamaica, who hold the trademark for use of the term 'Blue Mountain' ensuring that only coffee beans grown high in the blue mountain region, and that are 100% pure (determined by a rigorous assessment process) can be classified and advertised as blue mountain coffee.

It remains one of the most highly coveted, revered and luxurious coffees in the world, favoured by non other than agent 007 himself in Ian Flemming's novel.

Our Jamaica Blue Mountain is a community coffee - produced by farmers who are part of an initiative to train and provide education for local residents in Jamaica. It has been inspected by the coffee board of Jamaica and been awarded a Grade 1 classification, the highest possible for coffee (5 point rating scale - 1 to 5)

Our batch is 100% pure - and is bespoke artisan roasted to order. 

SIZE: 100g

Taste Notes
Smooth mouthfeel, red grape, cocoa and hazelnut - a silky smooth creamy aftertaste. 


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Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is mainly produced by the Wallenford, Mavis Bank, Moy Hall, and Old Tavern Estates. We have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the Clifton Mount Estate and their world class coffees. It is consistently the highest-priced coffee in the world (outside of an auction system). A typical Jamaican farmer will pick his or her own "cherry-berry," and drop them off to these estates for processing and payment.

More recently, we have been fortunate enough to develop a relationship with the Jamaican Coffee Board and work with Jamaican farmers on a very special initiative, a community initiative where profits from coffee production in Jamaica is spent on training coffee laymen so that they may begin a career in coffee production. The initiative has added hundreds of jobs for Jamaican citizens and helped many people bring extra income into their household, and has seen the genesis of what may become a lifelong coffee-cultivation passion for locals in Jamaica. The initiative helps provide education, training and guidance to local Jamaican boys and girls, men and women, and, once we heard about this, we knew we had to be involved partnering.

The benefits of this initiative involve new training provided to coffee farmers involving dynamic and innovative cultivation methods. Sheer meticulousness, dedication and excellence has resulted in the coffee being produced scoring excellently in Jamaican Coffee Board Inspections, where a pass is mandatory in order for the farmer to be permitted to trade, it has also been awarded a Grade 1 scoring based on a panel of adjudicators. This means the coffee is brilliant, from the bean size, moisture content, defect count (<3%), roast consistency and most importantly…taste. The coffee is distinguished as a world class heirloom coffee.

That’s why Boun Beans has began purchasing this coffee directly from the community project in Jamaica, we believe in the values and ethics behind the project, and we believe in investing in people.