Jamaica Blue Mountain Grade 1 (100g)

blue mountain coffee
Jamaica Blue Mountain
blue mountain coffee
Jamaica Blue Mountain

Jamaica Blue Mountain Grade 1 (100g)


Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Beans - Clifton Mount Estate

A fine, luxury, world class heirloom coffee - signature elite. This Jamaica Blue Mountain is in the top 0.01% of coffees worldwide, and certainly one of the rarest coffees in the world - exclusive and extremely difficult to source. Export is tightly controlled by the Coffee Board of Jamaica, who hold the trademark for use of the term 'Blue Mountain' ensuring that only coffee beans grown high in the blue mountain region, and that are 100% pure (determined by a rigorous assessment process) can be classified and advertised as blue mountain coffee.

It remains one of the most highly coveted, revered and luxurious coffees in the world, favoured by non other than agent 007 himself in Ian Flemming's novel.

Our Jamaica Blue Mountain comes from the Clifton Mount Estate, one of the oldest and original coffee farms of the blue mountains and has some of the most highly rated Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

Our batch is 100% pure - and is bespoke artisan roasted to order. 

SIZE: 100g

Taste Notes
Smooth, floral, well balanced with hints of chocolate and a silky smooth creamy aftertaste. 


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