Brazil Yellow Cataui

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brazil yellow catuai product image.jpg

Brazil Yellow Cataui

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I P A N E M A    E S T A T E    G O U R M E T

Stemming from Brazil's premier estate in the production of gourmet coffee, our Yellow Catuai is truly delightful and amongst the best of Brazil. Comprising of five farms across 4,500 hectares in total, located in the Sul de Minas region of Brazil, the Ipanema Estate has grown to be one of the largest coffee cultivators in Brazil. Of course, the nation itself is responsible for most of the coffee drank around the western world.

Yellow Catuai is an arabica with a twist, grown circa 1000 masl, with large screen size beans, it retains in full glory the chocolatey and caramel characteristics of Brazilian coffee with distinct toffee and hazelnut taste notes. 

We love this renowned estate, it's coffee is also perfect as an espresso or milk based drink. 

Taste notes:  Complex acidity, smooth mouthfeel with notes of toffee, caramel, hazelnut.


Bespoke  Artisan Hand-Pan-Roasted in the traditional east-African sacred method. 



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