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A   B R I E F   B A C K G R O U N D


Here at Boun Beans we have a coffee obsession! It's our passion!

Our east African heritage has exposed us to decades of daily roasting.

We want to take this knowledge and skill and use it to roast your coffee in the most authentic way.

We feel that the coffee industry has lost it's authenticity, with many companies solely using machines, deviating from the roots of roasting. Similar services to ours also store roasted beans in containers whilst awaiting orders.
We refrain from doing so.
We have a love and passion for fresh beans, so maintain a strictly bespoke approach.

We use the same east African traditional hand roasting methods that made coffee a worldwide phenomenon, which originated in east Africa - the founding region of coffee.

We believe in freshness, so roasting to order is the only way we can achieve this for our customers.

Storing roasted beans in containers for consumption on another day is contrary to the authentic art, delicacy and process of coffee roasting.  

We never do this.

Your order will be roasted on the day of dispatch.

It's a simple as 1, 2, 3: You choose your coffee, we roast it, we post it.

If you want us to grind it for you, simply tell us how you want it: Fine-Medium-Coarse and we'll do it free of charge. 

All Orders Come with Free Next Day Delivery

  O U R   M I S S I O N

We aim to source the most prestigious, heirloom luxury grade green beans.

Everything from Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Grade 1 to Jamaican Blue Mountain - we have it!

We pride ourselves on being the worlds first and only authentic coffee roasting company using the Eritrean / Ethiopian traditional roasting method. 
Our method allows us to replicate our cultural roasting approach for our customers.
Although time consuming, it allows us to delicately roast to perfection, so we can give our customers the dedication to their beans that is warranted.

The beans are shuffled and swirled around the menkeshkesh throughout the roasting process. 
Approaching medium roast, having reached first crack, the natural flavours of the beans being to release along with a heavenly aroma.
After careful screening of the beans, which is a straight forward procedure due to their high quality grade, we then pack and dispatch them.
By the time the coffee beans reach you, they will be at optimum freshness and ready to be turned into the most amazing brew ever!

We enjoy this, and love the organic process of hand-roasting coffee for the enjoyment of someone else.
It's similar to a chef preparing a dish for someone to consume, the gratification comes with the consumers satisfaction.

C O M M I T T E D  TO  Q U A L I T Y

We only source beans that are known as the best in the world.
For example, our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is a Grade 1 coffee.
What that means is that upon harvest the panel of adjudicators certifying its quality (usual procedure for newly harvested coffee beans) deemed it to be a 1 out of 5, the highest rating possible.
For more on Coffee Grading have a look at our About page.

We also have beans from Brazil, Colombia, Papa New Guinea and Nicaragua in our online store.

M O R E   O N   R O A S T I N G

Our company ethos is authenticity, quality and customer care. 
Coffee being our cultural heritage ensures that we pride ourselves on premium high quality expert hand roasting.
In our culture, the roasting technique is taught by mothers and handed down through generations.  
Our roasting processes are meticulous and thorough, not to mention centuries old.

We use a menkeskesh to roast our coffee. The menkeshkesh is probably the most sacred item in any Eritrean household due to its primary function of roasting coffee.

menkeshkesh banner.jpg


To produce a medium roast, beans are removed from the heat just before they enter the roasting stage known as the 'second crack'

The beans are then gently poured onto a round woven mat to let them cool for a short time

The woven mat procedure eases the beans into the cooling down stage; most people pour freshly roasted coffee beans onto metal or other similar surfaces which could shock the beans and affect acidity, increasing the risk of producing bitter tasting coffee

Our final stage involves allowing the beans to cool naturally, which precedes a final inspection

Usually, once the beans reach room temperature they will be packaged and dispatched within the hour. 
We never store coffee beans in containers overnight, regardless of whether airtight containers preserve the beans or not.
We are a company that delivers fresh beans made to order and specific to each customers request. 
We will get the coffee beans to you within 24-48 hours of being roasted.

Our coffee roasting process is centuries old, a cultural heritage and personalized and we take pride in producing beans made this way.


C O F F E E   G R A D I N G

When farmers harvest green coffee beans, they bring the batch to a panel of adjudicators made up of experts.
The experts inspect a small sample of the beans, typically 100-300 grams. 

The inspection involves looking at each bean individually, examining for size of the bean, weight, defects, moisture etc.
The small sample of beans are then roasted on the spot and cupped for the adjudicators to taste.
They then collectively agree on a grading of the coffee beans.
The grading is done against a 5-point scale. 1 being the highest, 5 being the lowest.
In some cases, if the coffee bean quality is very low, the batch of coffee will not be exported.

Typically, high street coffee shops and online mail-order coffee companies buy grade 3 coffee in order to maximise their profits. Grade 3 beans are beans with defects, and that are coming to the end of their usability cycle.
Coffee bean importers are usually very keen to sell such coffee beans at a discounted price.
In a similar way that food that is about to expire becomes a clearance item in the supermarket
That is why most mail order coffee companies DO NOT mention the grading of their coffee beans, it is often hidden and the consumer is distracted from finding out due to grand explanations about the taste and flavour of the coffee.

We seek only Grade 1 Coffee Beans for our customers

The most important thing to us is customer satisfaction. We want people to smile when they sip our coffee.
That is why we promise to bring you the best.
We currently stock very premium beans from Jamaica and Ethiopia and endeavour to bring our customers the best.

O U R    P R O M I S E

We will supply you with some of the most prestigious coffee beans in the world.
We will bring you coffee beans that produce the most delicious and flavourful cup of coffee  
We will never send you container stored beans
We will always make sure they arrive to you within days of you ordering
We will always supply speciality, high quality world class coffee, our motto is:

Best Coffee - Best Price