Blue Mountain Blend Grade 1

blue mountain
blue mountain

Blue Mountain Blend Grade 1


Melt in the delight of our Clifton Mount Estate Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend.  This seductively smooth coffee contains a union of speciality coffee beans from Ethiopia (Grade 1) and our Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee from the Clifton Mount Estate (The most prestigious coffee estate in Jamaica and founding farm of the term 'speciality coffee'). 
The entire blend is contains only 100% arabica, grade 1 coffee. 
The blue mountain coffee we use in the blend is Rainforest Alliance Certified and certified 100% pure Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

We recommend a medium roast, however, all coffee we roast is bespoke so you can specify exactly how you want your order roasted and ground using the options in the drop down menu below.

This wonderful blend is a smooth and easy coffee. We hand-pan-roast our coffee (more on IG: @bounbeans) in micro batches which allows complete control over the roast and ensures the best of the beans can be brought out due to the unrestricted air flow during roasting.

With just enough acidity and sweetness to avoid bitterness, this blend is an infusion of sweet jasmine and lavender with a smooth mouthfeel and hints of berries 

We only roast your coffee when we receive your order, and dispatch as soon as the beans are at room temperature


Bespoke Artisan Hand-Pan-Roasted in the traditional east-African sacred way commonly adhered to in the widely known sacred 'coffee ceremony'. 




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