Ethiopian Sidamo Grade 1

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Ethiopian Sidamo Grade 1

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This specific offering comes from the Gora Kone Washing Station, located in the village of Werka in the Nensebo district of the Sidamo region. The station itself has been in operation for seven years and has an estimated 800 contributing farmers registered for cherry delivery throughout the harvest period. These offerings are promptly sorted and floated to remove unwanted and unripe cherries. The prime selection is then de-pulped using a traditional disc pulper, washed, then dried for an average period of 10-12 days.

Processed at just over 2000 masl, and dried on raised beds, the natural flavour and true fruity, juicy characteristics come through in the cup. Our roasts peak in taste when brewed at 92 degrees with water that has a low hardness score (we recommend bottled water). 

Taste notes include sugar, cola, tamarind and raisin with complex fruit acidity.


Bespoke Artisan Hand-Pan-Roasted in the traditional east-African sacred method. 



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